Making a Style Statement with Tracksuits

There was a time when the tracksuits were only bought when you had to use them for a jogging session, a workout session, or to retire into bed in the night. However the trends have most certainly changed. The celebrities and big fashion designers figured out that the tracksuits can also look absolutely fashionable and chic. You may have seen several stars making the public appearances wearing the trendy tracksuits. There are many designers who have also made their models do the catwalk in the tracksuits. These days most of the good brands have started selling stylish tracksuits. You will really be surprised to know that the tracksuits can be worn to make a style statement. 

Let’s have a look at different tracksuits the celebrities are wearing. For instance, Paris Hilton, who we all know is famous for setting new fashion trends, has appeared in front of the paparazzi in tracksuits. She was once spotted in a velour tracksuit in black colour with some accents of gold. Along with it she had worn a cropped tee. She had also thrown over a black jacket. She was looking extremely chic and beautiful in that attire. 

Several celebrities have also styled tracksuits with boots. This may sound a little unconventional but it is true. Tracksuits can be worn with the boots. Some people really like to forego the convention and embrace the new trends rather quickly. You can buy a black tracksuit featuring a trendy hooded jacket and wear the boot with it while going out for hiking. 



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