Proper Make-Up Wear

Make-up is awesome, essential and pore-clogging. Leaving your make-up on for longer than a typical 8 to 9-hour day can not only clog pores but also suffocate the skin and cause pimples and dry skin and overall sensitivity.

Removing your make-up at the end of the day every day will help your skin to remain clear and naturally flawless. There is no need to do a thorough cleaning of your face every night. No need to scrub your skin clean of all loose skin cells and dirt. This sounds backward but remembers that your face needs to learn to cope with minor irritants.

So how to find the balance? Well, most of the time when you take your make-up off, unless you need to use a nightly face treatment, a simple soft cleaning in the form of a cloth or make-up remover pads or even (don’t laugh) baby wipes is adequate enough to remove the artificial components and leave the natural oils your skin needs. Doing a thorough scrubbing of your face can be reserved for once or twice a week.

 Yes, I said baby wipes. Trust me, they are gentle, made to clean sensitive skin, won’t irritate with frequent use and are cheap to buy. They leave your face with a clean feeling that you get after a good shower. In short, remove your makeup every night with gentle means and your skin will love you.


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