Ivy League

This is another very popular type of hairstyle usually worn by the male celebrities as well as a lot of footballers. It is also very popular among the young men and boys. However, it will be safe to say that men of almost all the ages like this hairstyle. It is the type of haircut which is more or less like a crew cut with the difference that the hair on the top of the head is longer in length. Hence, it allows for the side parting. This type of hairstyle is also known as Harvard Clip.

If you have the Ivy League hairstyle and want to style it with the side part, you can have the hair on the top of the head combed to the side. You can also use the bangs or short bangs to style this haircut. However, if you want to go with the conventional look, then you can also style this haircut like a traditional crew-cut type by brushing to hair on the top of the head to the front. Well, since there are more than one ways to style this haircut, you can also call it a convertible crew-cut hairstyle.

What kind of clothing should you wear with this hairstyle? You can say ‘just about any’. It will look good with all types of casual as well as formal outfits. Go for a pair of denim pants and a breezy white tee. A pair of loafers and sneakers will complement your looks. If you want, you can also wear the aviator sunglasses.


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