Fashion tips that makes you trendier

Fashion is like the heart of the soul. Without fashion, your soul cannot attain the paradise. Everyone around the world wants to look fashionable. But sometimes, we make mistakes in herd of looking good.  Mostly people wear blue and black trouser or jeans with the tops or jackets or Kurtas.

  New trends acknowledged grey color was the trendiest color of the year. Grey trousers, grey bags, grey dresses everything of grey is on the top of the list. Clothes with patterns were also a part of the style. Black and white patterns or tiger strip patterns are also famous. Recently, hair art, nail art and various color contrast are done in this year.

It is the season of spring, hence many it welcomes vibrant colors. Yellow, florescent, orange colors are more common. Adding to it, new trends of nail paints, nail art makes it more exiting and pleasant. Every dress should have a matching hair style. Hence colors on hairs were the trendiest part of fashion this year. Golden and burgundy was the lovable in girls and boys.
Different body structures should wear clothes accordingly. Here are some tips regarding body shape-

If your body is like a circle, then you should wear something which pays attention on your waist.  Like high rise pants, waist cinching tops etc.
 The girls who are thin should wear clothes which are loose and which give them a heavy look ups.All such things should be taken in care while making choice of shopping.  



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