Salma Hayek’s Dog is shot by neighbor

Salma Hayek is a famous actress who is fond of having pets. Her dog is the most precious and she loved him. Kim Lund is the neighbor of Salma Hayek. One day, the neighbor’s husband fired a rifle in the air and it hit Salma’s dog. According to reports, the Lunds did not kill the dog intentionally. She stated that she and her husband didn’t even know that they had hit a dog. Her husband fired the gun only to scare the dog.

Deputies investigated the case of Hayek’s dog. They found the dead body of the dog on February 19. According to them, the body of the dead dog was found on Salma’s property. They found that the neighbors were innocent. They did not hit the dog intentionally. Kim said that they did not have any concern or benefit of hitting the dog. She was very surprised that they had killed the dog belonging to a famous actress. She was in shock even a few days after the incident.

The investigators noted that there were three dogs at the time of incident. One of them became the victim of the bullet, but the other two ran away. The investigators were satisfied that the Lunds had not intentionally targeted the dog. No charges were laid as a consequence of the incident.



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