Jennifer Lopez and Giuseppe Zanotti to design bad-ass heels

If you’ve paid any attention to fashion, especially shoes, you’ll know the name Giuseppe Zanotti. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you likely will very soon, as superstar Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Zanotti to put together a new design of high heels, Zanotti’s specialty. The plan for these shoes is for prices to start at $795, and range to $1995.

Lopez is no stranger to fashion either, boasting a collection of clothes structured for affordability at Kohl’s. This new line of shoes looks to be the very opposite of her Kohl’s collection, with an astronomic increase to price and quality overall.

It’s no doubt a huge change for Lopez, who explained the sudden switch by saying, “…the businesses I’ve built. They’ve allowed me to bring really great product at product at an accessible price point. But I hadn’t done a high-end project yet and this seemed like the right time, medium and designer.” We certainly can’t disagree, many celebrities delving into fashion aim for the higher end of the market. Lopez has done well by offering a great product at a solid price point already, and now it’s time to aim for grandiose.

It’s not just Zanotti’s work, of course. Jennifer Lopez is signing off on each of Zanotti’s proposed designs, and often only after requests for revision to ensure perfection. Watch out for this duo in the designer shoe market as they plan to bring a collection of “bad-ass shoes” to the designer fashion side of high heels, and a well-deserved spot for two extremely talented individuals. 

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